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Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 10th Anniversary A.M. with Love From P.J.


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Happy Anniversary A.M.

Thank You For 10 Years

Of Marriage



Hope and Tears

Struggles Through Problems Large and Small

Patience, Impatience and Essential Honesty

Thank you for the wake up calls

Thank you for the late night talks

Thank you for listening better than I can

Thank you for making me a better husband

Thank you for everything you did during these last two years of hardship when it was just one thing after another that seemed to go wrong when many lesser people would have given up

But you did not

Thank you for the love of our child

Thank you for the endless hours of work

Thank you for your persistance and courage

Thank you for your organization and common sense

Thank you for your humor and wisdom

Thank you for sharing your fears and your tears

Thank you for being with me

I love you

P. J.

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