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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Movie Time With Emmy Nominated Billy Sheahan's Site


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I found a web site,
billysheahan.com that has a lot of funny and well-done videos that have been edited (etc.) by the Emmy-nominated Sheahan. These are really worth seeing. I fully expect to see Sheahan with an Oscar one of these days.

The films are commercial grade and very high quality *not* 30 second wonders - except the commercial spots. I list my two favorites at the end.


I particularly like this first one:

What Dogs Do – Short Film Winner of a Telly Award

This next one in some ways is a take-off on Kafka's Metamorphosis (yes, the comparison is a bit cruel) what if YOU found yourself slowly turning into a blonde?

On Becoming Blonde –
Chicago International Film Festival


These first two made the big time.

Ruth's Journey – Emmy Nominated Documentary Film

Mrs. Marshall
– Short Film Premiered at Cannes 2004

I find the premise of the original movie, The Third Rail, a little disturbing. Anyone who has spent time around CTA's Elevated system and knows how much juice is in the third rail would. But the "making of" film is worth watching.

– Shot on Location on the CTA's Elevated System

This segment makes you want to see the rest of the documentary.

A Model Tale
– A 6-minute segment of a 30 Minute Documentary following competitors in Fox Television's The Look of the Year Competition.


I really liked this music video shot live in Chicago. Wheat, it does the ears good. Was that too corny?

I Met a Girl –
Wheat – Per Second, Per Second, Per Second
Records – Music Video

Some Commercial Spots

Fr. Guido Sarducci's stuff just doesn't get old. I remember when
this ad first aired in Chicago. Had no idea who had edited it. SNL fans can
watch this over, and over, and over again. This also ports you over into the
spots section of the website. Don Novello is-a my kinda guy.

Fr. Fuido Sarducci - That's What I Said Ad


I like it. Dance in Chicago.

This Is How They Fly In Chicago


Exit - Stage Left!

Well that's it for this file. Hope you enjoyed it. Notice that I have filled in
some of my favorite links finally, including a link to this featured site
because he adds new material from time to time.

Remember, please make helpful comments if time allows, I am really new at this.

Tell your friends about this blog if you like it, or ad a link to it on your site!

See you soon!


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