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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Google Print vs. Google Scholar - A Comparative Table


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A quiet revolution is happening on what we can find online over the next few years through two new services being introduced by Google.com, Gooogle Print and Google Scholar.

The first, Google Print, is increasingly available as publishers allow their new works to be scanned so that when you so a search on a term that is included in one of their titles, you can actually see sampled scanned pages from the titles in question and, if you like it, can be directed to potential sales sites.

Through this service Google is also scanning many out of copyright works that it intends to make available free to the public for full text searching an reading. There are some catches. The in copyright works cannot be printed, cut or pasted. But the older material may be fully available.

The table you reach by clicking on the title of this article will take you to a table that shows what the books icon in a google print listing looks like and shows the differences between Google Print and Google Scholar.

To get to Google Scholar you have to go to scholar.google.com which has a special search box. This brings up mostly articles, but also some citations, leads, footenotes found in other places that might be helpful, and sometimes full text. For more information go to the web site.

Note: I'm having a medical procedure done Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck. I hope to be back blogging soon. Risks are statistically small, but if they emerge its not pleasant.

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