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Monday, February 28, 2005

Onion Competition - Muskrat News


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I found the following clip on Muskrat News, which I discovered to my delight is edited by a childhood friend of mine. Give it a look. Quite funny.

Here's a sample.

Muskrat News

Pope Undergoes Emergency Surgery
By Daniel Williams
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, March 3, 2005; 5:21 PM
ROME, Feb. 24 -- Pope John Paul II underwent an emergency operation to ease his breathing Thursday night after he was rushed to a Rome hospital for treatment of ailments related to a relapse of influenza.

Journalists around the world were unanimous in asserting that they were not looking forward to the Pontiff’s demise. “Sure, a papal election is a huge story, and one that we get to cover from the comforts of Rome,” salivated one TV anchorman, “But that doesn’t mean we’re hovering around the old guy like jackals sniffing at a dying wildebeest.” He then went back to choosing the theme music for the “Death of a Pontiff” Network logo.

CNN in particular, is insistent that the office betting pool on the time and manner of the Pope’s passage was nothing more than “the usual office hijinks” and hotly denied that the CNN Rome Bureau had repeatedly phoned the Vatican to ask if it would be possible for the announcement of the papal mortality to occur on “Larry King Live.”

Remember, the part in BOLD is the actual truth-flavored product. The rest is fake.


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