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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thanks for Your Donation!


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You are one of the very first to make a donation to my blog, thank you. I have put this post early in my archive so that people do not stumble upon it accidentally, but it is really going up in late March of 2006. If this text is still here in November, I am even more truly, pathetically, greatful to you for your warm, kind, thoughtful considerate generosity.

Please feel free to make a comment on this page proclaiming yourself as a donor, if you care to do so. The only easy way to get to this page is to make a donation. I will even make up a whole post just for you if you ask for it.

"My Name is Mary Smith and I support The Peter Files Blog because it Makes me Laugh!" could be a post just for you.

By making a donation of any kind you are helping me in several ways:

1) My morale has just jumped by leaps and bounds because someone has really enjoyed my writing and things enough of it to chip in. Even if you chipped in a dollar or less, I am very greatful that you took the effort to do so.

2) In a very real way you are keeping the possibility of my continuing to write this blog open. I was injured in a way that has prevented me from working for more than two years. I can type for a couple of hours a day. Not enough to raise a family on. So small amounts of income really help.

3) You help convince my spouse that this whole blog thing is not a waste of time and nothing says that like cash in the bank.


I have selected Paypal as my collection venu because I have several years of using them to purchase things on eBay and have NEVER had a problem with them. While they can take credit card transactions, by opening a Paypal account I have a place where I keep a cash reserve between my bank or credit card and my internet purchases which they guarantee.

I have never had a problem using Paypal for payment of purchases and so I chose them for you to donate to my blog. If you are thinking of buying and selling on eBay I strongly recommend opening an account because many sellers won't sell to those without them.

Please Tell Others About The Peter Files Blog!

It was not working for awhile (sorry) but now the little envelopes at the bottom of every post can be seen again and you can email yourself your favorite Peter Files Post and then mail it to everyone with a sense of humor in your notebook.

This is not a casual suggestion, helping me promote this blog is every bit as valuable as a financial donation. You can mention it on forums, bulletin boards, email footers (My Favorite Blog is the Peter Files Blog of Comedy Http://ThePeterFiles.Blogspot.Com )

I am starting to sound like public television. So I'll knock it off now.


The Funniest and Favorite Posts of the Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary!

Once again, thanks truly.

Peter, The Peter Files Blog

P.S. If you have content you would like to see on my blog, add it to a current post's comment and if I like it I will bring it to the level of its own post and give you (and your blog credit.)

Don't forget to tell your friends and family about the The Peter Files Blog of Comedy.

Our special deal this month? We're free, free, free, free, free, as the wind blows. But not naked. No naughty bits. No stuff that should get you trouble at work. Just the funniest stuff I can come up with.

Did you know that you can add a joke in a comment? If you do and and I or others think its good enough I will raise it to the level of its own post!

Just think of the fame and fortune that could be yours if a TV comedy show notices you just like they didn't notice me yet!

So think about it, in the mean time, use the little envelope to forward your favorite jokes to your friend family and co-workers. You'll be glad you did.

Peter, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary
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