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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Electric Commentary: I'm No Superman


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Why do people Blog anyway?

Is it because they see themselves as a Superhero,
like Superman or Batman off to fight the forces of power in the world?

Here's one author's take. He offers his "Batman Theory".

Personally, I think it fits one reason people Blog, but its not enough on its own.

Perhaps there is a part of Superherodom that does apply, immortality. By blogging we say to the universe "Hey, I was here!" Perhaps we hope that somehow some of our writing will somehow be spooled off onto some server somewhere for all eternity.

The mathmatics are daunting. As more and more people enter the blogosphere, how long can the storage space out there grow to save the words being written? Perhaps it becomes a sifting process and society decides what to keep and what to trash as what is valuable is forwarded so many times that it is by fault saved because it goes to so many different servers.

My God! 10K years from now a grad student or his/her equivelent will be defending a dissertaion on the imapact and importance of Viagra and Making Money Fast on our culture through an analysis of web threading.

As Lurch would say. "Ooohhhhh."

The Electric Commentary: I'm No Superman
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