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Friday, March 04, 2005

Playlist: iTunes store downloads pass 300 million - My thoughts on iMusic


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I don't even own an iPod yet, but this is an exciting story for me.

As a long time Mac user, the success of iTunes, the iPod, and now the iShuffle, mean I hope, that my favorite, easy to use home computer will be around for awhile to come.

Yes, the other 99 cent services are on the rise, but who cares? I've put all my CD's on my Mac, and am working on getting my tapes and vinyl on too.

In the mean time, I love the ability to buy songs one at a time, and more importantly, to sample songs and find things I like easily. That leads me to buy things that I never would have tried before. RIAA people take note.

If you are wondering what the impact of these new online stores will be in the long run, it is this. I can sample songs and find new ones I like, and buy them. Just - like - that.

My only gripe is that a 30 second clip is not enough sometimes.

Especially on a live album track where you get 20 seconds of applause and vocal intodiction before the song begins.

Often I would really like to be able to hear another sample from the middle somewhere. I recognize that you can't put the whole song up there as a sample, but still, 30 seconds is often not long enough to tell what a song is about.

The next question will is, what will the impact of Garage Band + iTunes be on the music industry? Will Apple start encouraging young artists to upload their work, advertise them with special links to it in their blogs, and have them downloadable in iTunes?

This reminds me of the whole Apple records/Apple music lawsuit thing which I guess is in play still. Now that Apple runs the most successful online music store in the world, is it really a bad thing if those who go there to buy music think Beatles when the go there?

Isn't it really in the financial interest of Apple records to make nice with Apple Computers and do a Beatles edition iPod like U2 did with pre-loaded songs?

Methinks the sales would be staggering.

Or am I just being a "Fool on a Hill?"


Playlist: iTunes store downloads pass 300 million
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