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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fun at Chicago's Millenium Park 2004


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I had a chance this summer to get out to Chicago's New Millenium Park and take some photos of
the amazing sights out there.

Fun at Chicago's Millenium Park 2004

Yes, as you can see, "The Bean" is as fun to look at as people imagined it
would be. But pictures just don't do it justice, even later ones I am sure
where the seams are polished out. You have to see it in person to get the real
feel of it all. It's the group gestalt, the feel of intimacy of the crowd
under the inside all looking up that is part of the experience.

It looks interesting in photographs, but it's not the same as being there.

The scope of the concert area is also impossible to capture on film. The day I
was there they were practicing for an evening performance and many people were
gathered just to listen or enjoy the sun, but what a spectacle the architecture
of the place is.

The big surprise though was the two water towers. Each had faces which at the
same time spit out a flow of gushing water to the delight of the children
below. The water coming out of the video images mouths in a very special

Then suddenly the screens go blank and the bravest children go to the base of
the tower where suddenly an avalanche of water comes rushing down, thrilling
them, a rollercoaster of water, where they stay put and the water runs past

My favorite image though is of the little boy, who finds a tiny corner in the
vastness of the bean and squats there to take a break and get his sense of
composure back. Showing better sense than some of us.

If you can get to Chicago this is a must see.



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