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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's the Buzz Tell Me What's a Happening?


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One of the features of Yahoo! that I find interesting is their
Yahoo! Buzz Index, that's the list of recent top searches on Yahoo!'s search engine. I have a link to it over on the right, but for ease of discussion I am pasting in today's results. But you should look at the Yahoo! pages themselves because for brevity I am leaving a number of interesting features out of this discussion, like their daily article that explains some of the reasons behind the new movers.

These results are a kind of litmus test for what the American English speaking Internet user is interested today, weighted by intensity of internet searching activity. By looking at the top searches, we find out what is "hot" that is, what are people with internet access are interested in on an ongoing basis, and how that changes over time.

We have to be careful of course, in putting too much faith in our understanding of these results. They are not the result of a randomly selected survey. The are a compination of impulsive youth and commercial ventures, of young teens and older workers. There is a vast audience out there searching away and a massive market to understand, yet the market shifts daily, and yet the shifting trends in the market are opportunities for sales when those interests can be found and identified using web tools that can help predict what will be hot tomorrow. Perhaps even, with these tools, you will not have to find the market, the market may come to you, if your market plan is facile and adaptable enough.

As an example, here are the results of the top searches for Yahoo! this morning. We see the top 20 of 50 searched items from the day before. In a way, what we have presented here is a just in time market of potential product bases formed from the search items. Either we invest in already manufactured items and resell them, or develop a new licensed product. All we need is then is to find the customer, except that since they did the search once, with luck, they can find us tomorrow. Hopefully our web site design is such that we will go to the top or near the top of the list then.

Interesting stuff, eh? Will my blog wind up with many more hits in the next few days, just because I did this article which listed all these popular searches? If you check some of my charts in today's other post http://thepeterfiles.blogspot.com/2005/03/peter-files-announces-two-upgrades.html
you should see monthly charts that should update themselves with the answers. If I can get the charts working properly again. They were working properly and then stopped. Will try again after I finish cleaning up this one.

Here are the the top sellers from yesterday, the Leaders, who had the highest percentage of searches on the Yahoo! search engine, and the Movers, those who had the highest percentage increase in shares of searches from the day before. Both columns include hyperlinks that you can click on to run the actual searches those people made, updated of course by any new additions to the Internet since yesterday.

A time saver, not only do you know what was hot yesterday, you don't even have to type in the name of the search yourself, just click! Here are yesterdays Leaders and Movers. This list may or may not update itself tomorrow. If it disappears click on the title of the post to see the list for the current day.


50 Cent (32)+171286
1How We Do2619.22%
Howard Stern (6)-10223
2Institute For Highway Safety2393.02%
Jennifer Lopez (112)-2184
Lindsay Lohan (112)+20159
4Rich Girl1247.72%
Eminem (112)+108157
5Candy Shop1174.31%
Britney Spears (933)-2150
6Hate It Or Love It1134.10%
Internal Revenue Service (53)+32150
7Going Crazy1078.85%
Usher (112)+68148
8Mr Brightside1068.09%
Green Day (112)+78125
The Game (37)+64108
American Idol (33)+59106
11Let Me Love You954.61%
Paris Hilton (112)-83104
12Still Tippin948.66%
Candy Shop (1)+9199
13Like Toy Soldiers936.53%
Nelly (112)+6190
14Friends and Lovers931.97%
Mario (1)+6486
15Beautiful Soul860.14%
Eva Mendes (5)-1883
16Drop It Like Its Hot837.26%
Kelly Clarkson (5)+2482
Jennifer Aniston (6)-1379
181,2 Step816.30%
Ciara (112)+3377
Contender (1)+7076
Check Out the Leaders Summary

Check Out the Movers Summary
How the Buzz Index Works

Movers are the search terms that have increased their buzz score over the previous day's score by the greatest percentage. Leaders are the search terms with the greatest buzz score for a given day.

For more detailed information, visit our FAQ

In addition to what I have show here, if you click some links on the side of the Yahoo! Internet Buzz opening page you can get some interesting detail by search category as you can see below. For example, these charts show the top movers, and if you click on the View Complete Chart Link you see the Leaders too. Again, this list may stay the same day by day, may update, or may become garbage by tomorrow. If the latter, find it by clicking on the top link and then clicking on the Overall Link on the left side of the page.

Wednesday March 9, 2005
Search the Web:

Today's Top Movers
Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 How We Do +2619.22%
2 Institute For Highway Safety +2393.02%
3 Contender +1333.73%
4 Rich Girl +1247.72%
5 Candy Shop +1174.31%
6 Hate It Or Love It +1134.10%
7 Going Crazy +1078.85%
8 Mr Brightside +1068.09%
9 Switch +1004.62%
10 1985 +961.25%
11 Let Me Love You +954.61%
12 Still Tippin +948.66%
13 Like Toy Soldiers +936.53%
14 Friends and Lovers +931.97%
15 Beautiful Soul +860.14%
View Complete Chart...

Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 Robert Blake +199.10%
2 Vanessa Marcil +149.96%
3 Will Smith +144.01%
4 Kirstie Alley +105.54%
5 Nick Cannon +89.74%
6 Lauren Holly +87.01%
7 Michael Ealy +76.20%
8 Barbara Mori +68.92%
9 Jane Fonda +60.63%
10 Adam Sandler +57.63%
11 Lori Loughlin +54.75%
12 Chris Klein +46.20%
13 Tom Green +37.93%
14 Sarah Shahi +37.40%
15 Tia Carrere +34.52%
View Complete Chart...

Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 Thriller +281.74%
2 Iris +194.75%
3 Sweet Home Alabama +135.32%
4 Afi +126.37%
5 Baby Boy +121.75%
6 Elephant Man +110.64%
7 Superstar +105.78%
8 The Doors +94.37%
9 Alfie +87.26%
10 Crossroads +72.98%
11 The One +70.94%
12 Herbie: Fully Loaded +70.67%
13 Signs +70.51%
14 Underworld 2 +61.63%
15 Bad Company +60.20%
View Complete Chart...

Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 How We Do +2619.22%
2 Candy Shop +1174.31%
3 Hate It Or Love It +1134.10%
4 Going Crazy +1078.85%
5 Mr Brightside +1068.09%
6 Still Tippin +948.66%
7 Like Toy Soldiers +936.53%
8 Friends and Lovers +931.97%
9 Drop It Like Its Hot +837.26%
10 Mockingbird +836.81%
11 1,2 Step +816.30%
12 Trick Daddy +689.07%
13 Stacy's Mom +686.19%
14 Twista +672.99%
15 Edwin Mccain +636.03%
View Complete Chart...

Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 Honda Classic +161.77%
2 Jack Nicklaus +128.46%
3 Baltimore Ravens +102.79%
4 Iditarod +99.13%
5 Pacific Life Open +94.20%
6 ACC Tournament +87.25%
7 Atlantic Coast Conference +83.82%
8 Baseball America +79.78%
9 Jesse Owens +69.95%
10 Hank Aaron +66.44%
11 Sec Tournament +61.12%
12 Las Vegas Motor Speedway +51.54%
13 UEFA Champions League +49.11%
14 New York Giants +47.34%
15 Tennessee Titans +45.63%
View Complete Chart...

Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 Contender +1333.73%
2 Medium +425.47%
3 Dr. Phil +240.21%
4 Jamie Oliver +206.75%
5 Anderson Cooper +179.83%
6 Josh Gracin +162.61%
7 Good Morning America +133.50%
8 The View +125.28%
9 American Idol +125.15%
10 The Biggest Loser +124.63%
11 Young and the Restless +116.00%
12 24 +113.68%
13 Bill O'Reilly +109.14%
14 Access Hollywood +102.73%
15 Bo Bice +101.74%
View Complete Chart...

Video Games
Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 Soccer Slime +110.55%
2 Fable Cheats +86.50%
3 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats +79.58%
4 Mortal Kombat Deception Cheats +72.64%
5 Slime Volleyball +58.25%
6 Drag Racer V3 +46.39%
7 Pocket Tanks +41.40%
8 Icy Tower +36.66%
9 Dragonball Z Budokai 3 Cheats +35.03%
10 Bubble Trouble +34.48%
11 The King of Fighters +33.22%
12 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater +31.67%
13 Tetris Online +30.58%
14 Redline Rumble +29.02%
15 Gangsters: Organized Crime +28.68%
View Complete Chart...

More Buzz

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Video Games
Buzz for Kids

International Buzz
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Most-viewed news
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RSS feeds

Note the Orange XML tag. The link next to it leads to a page full of links on which you can set up a news feed for the overall search or any one of the specific category searches directly on the search bar of your browser, if you have enabled that feature. See my article The Peter Files Is RSS Enabled! Headlines on Your Browser! for more detail.

Now, let's look back at 2004, shall we? What were the top Yahoo! Internet searches of 2004?

Top Searches 2004

Top 10 Search Terms

1. American Idol 3. Jessica Simpson 5. Harry Potter 7. Usher 9. NBA
2. Paris Hilton 4. Britney Spears 6. WWE 8. NASCAR 10. NFL

Well, this list says a lot right here. I guess it could be worse. Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction could have made the list. Lots of other shady things could have too. For the few that don't know, WWE refers to professional wrestling. I guess it is refreshing that Harry Potter made the list too.

I know, some of you out there, especially competing book publishers are ready to scream. As for myself, can't wait for the next book to come out. Thanks, J.K. Rowling wherever you are right now. I suppose I could do a search and check but the "L" factor (laziness) gets in my way, especially when I have just realized that I have to fix the charts in my "Upgrades" post. Hope you are already starting to think ahead towards your next series. How about a detective series that can be done as stage plays? See my first post for my vested interest in that.

Top Auto Brand Searches

1. Honda
2. Ford
3. BMW
4. Chevrolet
5. Dodge
6. Chrysler
7. Lexus
8. Jeep
9. Mercedes Benz
10. Volvo

As a South Sider, I am a little chagrined that the White Sox are not on the top 10. Then again, given Sosa - gate, maybe that's a good thing. Nah, they had a really mediocre year. I have been a cynical White Sox fan ever since they blew it in August of '76 when the team was in first place in August and just folded, melted away for no discernable reason. That's when I initiated my no emotional involvement in the White Sox until after the All Star Break rule, and then only if they had any kind of a chance. That is not the same thing as not watching or attending games. It just meant stepping back from living and dying on every pitch. In the long run this has turned out to be a healthy thing to do, much as I love the Sox.

Do I hate the Cubs? No. I have to much city spirit to do that. But as both of my grandfathers took great pains to explain to my brother and I. I was born a White Sox Fan and will die one, and that's all there is to it. No further discussion is needed. An article of faith only a few dozen steps below, well, I will avoid committing to print what I suspect what would be regarded as disrespectful to the faith, but insert your own major faith tenent here, then go a few dozen steps below that.

You have to wonder about some of these. Can they all be said to actually have personalities? Excluding Ozzy and Simon of course. Some of the names may not be at all recognizable to you, but they begin to make sense after you click on some of them. For example, I recognize 2,3,5,6 and 9 on the last list as being from American Idol which was number 1 on the Year's Top 10 Search. Nonetheless, some of them are totally unfamiliar to me.

The article which you can get to by clicking on the very first link in this story, not the one in the title, that gets you the overall results, explains some of who these people are. As for the rest, I guess that is what these pages are really about. Knowing who's hot and who is not.

Somehow, I don't think you'll see The Peter Files on this list before the end of the year. But you never know. If everyone who reads this post today does a Yahoo! search on the blog, that might be enough of an increase over the one search I did yesterday to make us a huge mover! LOL. Be sure to include the website address if you do. HO HO HO.

Well that's it for this post, hope it was interesting.

If so, feel free to use the very empty comments box!

Peter (;-8)>
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