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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Peter Files Announces Two Upgrades - Repost


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This is post was revised on 3/23/05 because the charts dissapeared. In doing so I added a chart and deteled some text that turned out to be not needed. (grin)

It had to happen.

My blog was starting to get too long for people to read and find things.

Especially with several very long recent posts.

So, I have changed my archive method from Monthly to Weekly.

This has had the advantage of putting three of my favorite posts, I won't tell you which ones, at the top of each of the first three weeks archives. I may change the date of the first post, just to make my welcome post stand out.

The second upgrade you probably noticed right away. That's the addition of a map showing the percentage of visits to The Peter Files by time zone.

That data is provided by my site meter and should be updated as it changes.

There are several reasons for that. One, blocking my ISP does no good because my ISP changes every time I sign out, so I account for 5-10% of all hits and I live in the Central time zone. That's why I waited until I was well over 500 to write my The Peter Files tops 500 hits post.

Another is many of my friends and relatives live in the Central time zone, and I have lots of relatives. LOTS of relatives. And I hope more than a few friends reading these posts. Hard to say because of the lack of comments, HINT, HINT, HINT.

Well, perhaps you are thinking it is better to say nothing to the poor guy than crush his spirits.....

The reason I find it so interesting are the hits outside of the U.S. Of course, from this map I have no hint of hemesphorical differences. Is that really a word? I guess I'll find out when I run the spell checker on this post, but I'll leave it in because I think it ought to be.

It occurs to me that I could stick in another map in this post that may or may not update over time. Ammo. That might be interesting to check back and see.

OK. Brief pause that you won't notice to go find the code and paste it in. This is supposed to be a blog so I thought I would give some diary aspect to it.

Percent Visitors Views By Browser Share

Percent Visitors Views By Operating System

Whew! This HTML coding stuff, always takes longer than I think it should! Once I get the first code pasted into a post correctly, the others are pretty quick.

Percent Visitors Views By Network Source

Based on the e-mail addresses of who I sent out notices about my blog to the large share of Ameritech and Comcast representation is not surprising here. What may be surprising is how small the AOL share is, will that change over time, or is that a reflection of how AOL's market share has changed? My friends tend to be very tech-savvy and have moved away from AOL as have many but not all of my family. Note the .ca which I think is Canada and .au which I think is are Australian providers. But when I looked further, it turned out the server was in Malaysia. The wonders of the internationality of the net!

This chart probably omits some visitors whose networks are hidden. I'm betting that the NSA sees everything on the Net and does not show up on things like this, and as Stuart Smiley used to say on SNL, in these times, on a public forum like this, "And That's O.K.", though I wonder if Al Franken who played Smiley would agree with that sentiment today. Al, if you are watching, please feel free to comment.

Percent Visitors Views By Page Visits and Views This Month

This is an interesting Chart. It shows the monthly page visits and views in the last month. The spike yesterday was probably due to an e-mail sent out the evening before to about 100 people in which I mentioned the blog among other things. If any forwarded it, as some do, it may generate more hits over time.

Page Views Per Visit This Month

This may creep up now that I have split the archive into weeks instead one 99 day period. Before, those who came in from a search referral or e-mail saw the whole page and had no need to see more than one page because they could scroll down the whole blog in one go. However, those who subscribed to the blog as an RSS feed, would have several different page views, one for each stories they checked out. Now a new person, might be drawn to check out the archives from previous weeks and see more pages. Maybe.

Duration of Visits and Page View in Seconds This Month

This is really a geeky chart. But kind of interesting.

Internet Service Provider Organization Type

I find this interesting to look at, especially as it highlights foreign sites.

Visits Per Month

This identifies individual visitors, and so far as of 7:43 pm, today is the second highest of the month, possibly due to my large e-mailing to friends and family.

There are a number of things I have done lately that may impact hit rates, etc. I put up some really long jokes and pun posts on the 8th and it looks like people read them! With my new format page visits lengths should go down because new visitors would visit more pages. Why? Clicking on the archived pages brings up more "pages" while the whole blog was on one page before. The price? New people may see less of the blog.

The advantage? The whole thing may seem less overwhelming. Especially after posting two such looooong blog entries. Then again, another article run today was on Yahoo!'s Buzz Index search engine which mentions a lot of the most current popular searches. That could significantly boost hits, for a short time anyway.

Visits Per Year

Well, that's it for this post.

Peter, the Chart Obsessive
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