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Monday, March 07, 2005

Funny Animation - The Hazards of Safe Driving


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I can't remember the exact statistic but somewhere around 90% of drivers think that they are "Better than Average" drivers. Since only 49% of drivers can be "Better than Average" there are clearly some deluded drivers out there.

Probably a lot of those fall into the category of those who do unsafe things because of their "Advanced driving skills" and call themselves good drivers, even excellent drivers because of it, while the rest of us try not to curse at them in front of the others in the car.

This is why God made Transit. Statistically, mile per mile, you are 10 times more likely to be killed in a car than on a bus or train. Really.

Perhaps the thinking in Bruno Bozzetto's wry and funny Yes & No: a diseducational road movie helps explain why. This shockwave animation short hits close to the bone as it shows the wrong and right driving behaviors that people do on the streets and highways and provides, perhaps, some insights into why some people wind up choosing the wrong way to go about doing things rather than the right way.

Or, I may be thinking to hard again....

Check it out. It's worth the click. Till the next post,


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