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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rappy Easter to You!


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Shout Out and Props to Rebby B and MJDB who sent this link to lil ole Me.

Yo, Don be no fool now, jus go click!

Peter B. Cool

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Blogger FeLicia said...

heyy. your posts r really interesting. its juz tt you tagged on my blog b4 and i dun really noe who you r.. anywae.. thx 4 the good advices. they r gr8ly appreciated. i am here juz to find out how you got to my blog. thx 4 everyting =). ur blog is kewl.
- Felicia[myworldmyrulz.blogspot.com]

3/27/2005 7:28 AM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

Just clicked next blog! Glad you liked my blog and the advice!

3/28/2005 1:48 AM  

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