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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Charting The Peter Files - Once Again


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This post is mostly for my benefit, but you may find it of some interest too. Awhile back (March 9th) I did a file on the charts that my free site counter generated. I found them interesting and thought I would share the most interesting with you.

As it happened, they did automatically update, and so I found myself looking at that post every day or so, rather than go to the site meter site and click through them page by page.

I have done so many posts now though, that it has gotten buried too far back for me to find easily, so my solution is to write a new post to bring it up front and add a chart or two as well.

Percent Visitors Views By Browser Share

Percent Visitors Views By Operating System

Percent Visitors Views By Network Source/Domain

This is an interesting series of charts covering visitors and page views over different time periods.

Number of Visits and Page Views Today

Number of Visits and Page Views This Week

Number of Visits and Page Views This Month

Number of Visits and Page Views This Year

Duration of Visits and Page View in Seconds This Month

This is really a geeky chart. But kind of interesting.

Internet Service Provider Organization Type

I find this interesting to look at, especially as it highlights foreign sites.

Visits Per Month

Visits Per Year

Well, that's it for this post.

Peter, the Chart Obsessive
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