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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Amaztype Seasonal Greetings


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Hope you liked it. While I admit that Easter Messages do not appeal to all segments of the population, worry not.

You can construct your own favorite message by going to the Amaztype website where you can enter any name, message, book, album cover or video and it will construct a collage made up of covers drawn from the Amazon.com website (you specify Amazon U.S., Canada, Japan, or, UK).

For example, the same message, from the UK site would be:

United Kingdom Version

This site is lots of fun.

But, you may want to close the window or go back to the set-up page each time you are done because the Macromedia Flash program continually updates with covers from Amazon and that can hang up your browser. Still, I had a lot of fun.

What happens if you want to view the name of my friend Ken's favorite dog in book covers?

German Shepherd

Or, for example you can run a phrase through Amazon's Japanese site like:

Hello Kitty or Tweety just to see what comes up.

While we're checking let's try

Anime and Karaoke

And just for my good friend Ken,
a very special search.

That's it for this case file from,

The Peter Files



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