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Friday, March 25, 2005

Peter Files To Reach 800 Visitors Today


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Unless everyone wises up at the last minute, by the time I wake up, hits on The Peter Files Will be over 800 - Yippie!

Thanks to all my cousins who visited about once a week this month to make this happen (LOL).

I must be doing something right because I know that some of you are repeat visitors.

If you have not been back in awhile, please note the survey over to the right.

Please use the scroll bar to select your choice then click vote.

I am curious as to how you found out about the Peter Files blog.

Also, you will note something that looks suspiciously like an ad for blinds2you.com.

Well, it would be an ad if I was getting paid for it, but I am not, so it is more on the lines of a PSA or public service announcement for a great source for high quality custom made blinds.

I have known the owner since I was 9 and so I am confident that he is doing a great job and sells a high quality product.

I have now done my duty as his bestest buddy in the whole wide world.

I have also noted publicly that I am not an unbiased source of information, but I think that the information on the website speaks for itself. I have to admit that even I was impressed by how good it looked.

Well, that's it for this post. 800! Wow. How long till 1000? Keep telling your friends if you like this site.

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