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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beverly Theater Guild Hosts Jesus Christ Superstar Auditions on January 3rd and 5th, 2008


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Earlier this week I reported on Director Brian Leo's production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I just received details on the Beverly Theatre Guild's, a respected South Side theatre company that I have been regularly a member of, production of, you guessed it Jesus Christ Superstar!

See the Flyer Below for Details: Auditions are just before Brian Leo's, January 3rd and 5th 2008th.

Performances are at Beverly Art Center 111th Street and Western Avenue in Chicago.

Can't tell you how to decide between the two groups. I do not know the director A.J. Wester or Musical Director Allison Hendrix, but that means nothing since I have been out of the Musical Theatre sceen for awhile. Perhaps knowing them, or geography will help you decide.

I am always bothered when two groups in the same region pick the same show, but sometimes that can't be helped, great minds do think alike. 

I do have a great amount of respect for both BTG and Brian Leo. It should be noted that Brian has worked many times for BTG as a Director and an Actor, and truth in advertising, has cast me in a number of productions.

 So I leave it in your hands. Note that audition dates (His 2nd auditions are on January 7th) allow an actor to audition for both and he has choice parts available too. On the other hand, his rehearsals and performances will be in Frankfort.

Break a leg to all who audition to either one, its a super show! 

If you don't audition for either production please mark the performance dates, which are different, in your engagement calendars. 

I will try to find the Beverly Hills University Clubs' Scholarship Foundation auditions soon too. Will have to dig those up as well.

Note to producers: I saw this notice in my in-box today. I got 50 theater related queries in my blog this week. They could have come to this notice.

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