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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Check the Latest Peter Files Headlines Through Desktop or Browser Links With RSS Newsfeeds


Quick RSS Subscription Links

Some of you already do this, it's an easy way to find out whether my ecletic comedy and ramblings of the last two weeks sound interesting without loading the whole page and scrolling through all my last 7-14 posts. Better yet, you go right to the post that sounds interesting and skip the ones that are not to your taste.

Its fast, its quick, and it goes right to your desktop if you want it to. The posts also load a lot faster if you load them one by one.

So what is an RSS feed?

To quote from the Mozilla Firefox Live Bookmarks Page:

What is RSS?

RSS (an acronym for "Rich Site Summary" and later coined "Really Simple Syndication") is a way for web sites to summarize their content, such as news articles, to make it available in a different view.

For example, Yahoo News (RSS) headlines can be viewed like bookmarks in Firefox or viewed like email in Thunderbird.

Many web sites generate RSS feeds such as the BBC News (RSS), Yahoo News (RSS), and your favorite Blog. RSS comes in many flavors, including RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom -- and Mozilla Firefox supports them all.

You can find many RSS feeds at: Technorati, Feedster, and Syndic8.com

Now I use the Mozilla Firefox browser myself with the Clickpoint extension to get around the web site spoofing problem that some non-IE browsers had. (As I looked up a link for this I notice that an update for Firefox is now available that fixes this without the extension.)

One reason I like Firefox is that it is a LOT faster than Internet Explorer. It also lets you open up new pages in tabs, and has built in pop up window protection. Firefox also allows you to open all the new posts in their own tab so that you can take a quick look each one then close them one by one if you desire. That makes it easier for you to read and respond to comments, if any without opening new windows. I like comments and rarely delete them (only comment spam) even if they don't agree with me, so I mention this option as a way of encouraging more comments.

Part of the speed of Firefox, by the way, comes from the fact that you only add in the features you want through extensions. Part of the speed of RSS is that you do not have to load the Peter Files Blog Page to see what's up here, then if you like something, you can go right to it. Just like CNN.

Firefox and some other browesers can add as their own RSS newsreaders. A newsreader lets you see all of the listings on an RSS newsfeed in a single page. Some feeds only list titles, mine gives you the first 255 characters.

You just add an extension or otherwise enable it, and you can add live newslinks which update whenever you open your browser. You hover overthem, and see the headlines, then click on the ones you want to open. Yes, this vast technology is now available for this little blog.


You can also subscribe to a desktop or web-based news-reader that you can subscribe to that will either subscribe to specific feeds for you, or search all the feeds it knows about for topics that are of interest of you.

How do You Find Blogs/RSS links in the First Place?

Well, you found mine! If you know me though, that was probably through email.

One way is through, a blog search engine like

Blogdigger does exactly what it says, digs through all the blogs that have registered content on the internet and helps you find the kind of thing you are looking for.

Newsgator is a news feed service that you can subscribe to for free, though it does offer premium services. You search and add fees, but have to sign in to find your feeds. However, with most browsers it puts a link in a menu bar so that if you are on a web page with a news feed you can click the web page and it automatically adds it to your news feeds. It also lets you organize the feeds into folders. Still not as convenient as looking through listings at the top of your browser.

Pubsub.com says it tracks nearly 9 million news sources of which nearly 5 million are "active". It lets you create searches of all kinds including notifications of earthquakes, traffic delays, news, weather, anything. On my browser it will add a button for a PubSub sidebar which will open up and let me open up a scroll down menu to see whether anything interesting has come up in my pre-defined searches.

Profile Searches If you click on the hyperlink on the left you will pull up my profile. It includes a lot of key words, like Mac or OSX. Each of those keywords if clicked upon will bring up a list of profiles of other bloggers at this blogging website with similar interests. They can find my blog that way, I can find theirs, and those who like mine and theirs, vice versa. From this form the Blogosphere, tiny, small or enormous online communities.

Once you get the hang of this, you can add my newsfeed by adding the following link to your newsfeeder. Sometimes just clicking on it will do the trick.

The Peter Files Live Feed Atom Link

More Later,


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