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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Corvette Come Home - 37 Years Later - All Souped Up


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Owner Gets Stolen Corvette Back After 37 Years

Talk about a bummer, you buy a 1968 blue-on-blue Corvette in 1968 when you are 22 years old, but don't insure it for theft, get to drive it for two-and-a-half months until it gets stolen! Man! The car of your dreams is gone.

Throttle forward 37 years. You get a phone call from the NYPD. Someone has spent the time going through thousands of stolen car reports, on paper, in deep, deep storage somewhere in the paper archives of NYPD to find you to tell you that your stolen car has been recovered with nary a scratch on it. Now that is great police work on a very cold case. You owe those cops a pizza or doughnuts or something, even if they won't accept it.

No way, dude. It has to be a joke. Someone who has heard your life-long tale of woe is scamming you.


After all these years, a silver paint job, and a 454 block Chevy engine to replace the original 327-inch engine, the car is now a classic, except for a missing gas tank, and caught trying to escape overseas to Sweden after hiding underground after nearly 4 decades without a single record that required the report of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

That $6,000 muscle machine, once it is restored and working will be worth $50,000 to $100,000 if you sell it on an auction web site. Going to do it?

No way. After all, you have a teenage daughter who needs a car.


That is some dad. If I hadn't seen it myself in print, I would not have believed it. Now there's a dad who understands the power of teenage dreams.

Bet the car comes with strings like dad gets to drive it - whenever.

Later, Dude


P.S. The KTRK Bizzare news website is a great source for strange and funny news. Check it out by clicking the link or title which will take you to the original AP story. Pictures of the car are included on the site. What a beauty!

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