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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fuzzy, was he?


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Interested in hair? Ever had the urge to go to Alaska?

Boy, and with few exceptions I mean that literally, do I have an event for you! If you grow facial hair at a good rate you may even have the time to prepare yourself to compete, because in March of 2009 Anchorage, Alaska will be hosting the World Beard and Mustache Competition. A hair raising challenge if I ever saw one.

Now there is a competition before that in Brighton, England on Saturday, September 1, 2007, but for yanks like me, or for Russians, or some others from Asia, Anchorage is just a lot closer.

To give you a sense of the competition we present Elmar Weissar, the proud winner of the 2005 competition, grinning from beard to beard, proudly showing why he clearly deserves his championship title, as his beard was not only staggering, it was also a tribute to the City of Berlin which hosted the competition October 1, 2005.

Elmar Weissar, Swabian Beard Club
2005 World Beard and Moustache Champion

The truly beautiful thing about this competition is that nearly everyone can play. Granted, woment would need testosterone shots and would receive odd looks, but don't you think Elmar got his share too?

To see some other great looking competitors, or to check out their merchandise, check out The World Beard and Mustache Championships Website either by clicking the name of the competition of the title above.

Here's looking at you!

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