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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Like, Magic!


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This is another gem from YouTube.com. I've asked the submitter for the name of this duo, but for now, they are the funniest two magicians I have seen in a long time!

Very imaginative. Makes Penn & Teller sit down for being too naughty and just makes you laugh, these guys are the real deal with very imaginative bits.

That's not to say I don't enjoy Penn and Teller. I'll never forget the first time I saw them live here in Chicago. And the overwhelming, confusing joy as we streamed out of the theater that night to find Penn and Teller right there inches away, outside the theater hawking their own items after the show, clearly interested only in removing a few more dollars from our wallets while making us laugh. No, that's not fair, I think it was their first national tour and they did get a kick out of it. But like any buskers or high school science teacers they had a real patter down.

But these unamed magicians, are of a simpler bent. More suitable for toddlers and adult young children. .

These guys might do that too. But I never forgot it when Penn and Teller did.

Hey guys, watch out for these two, they are coming up behind you fast.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men in Coats is the name you're looking for :)

12/16/2005 8:39 PM  

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