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Monday, December 12, 2005

The 9/11 Report: Are We Doomed? Jon Stewart Thinks So


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One of the funnier submissions on the site comes from the Jon Stewart show. I may have to pull this if it turns out there is a copyright violation issue, which is why I have provided the movie below via a link to the site rather than downloading it and hosting it myself. That way, if the website pulls the movie, you will not longer see President Bush's happy go lucky demeanor below. If that happens, that is the clip disappears, please leave a comment to alert me so that I can replace it with another one from the website.

But in the interest of the public welfare it is worth hearing Stewart's calm and reasoned reaction to President Bush's statements about how we are doing in Iraq and then his cold and sober response to the recent Bush appointed 9/11 commission's long delayed report on how America's branches of Government have responded to the challenges required to communicate and work together that were revealed as weaknesses immediately after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Surely after the years and billions spent, the civil liberties waved via the Patriot Act and other pressure to perform, the hard work of the Executive and Legislative Branches of these United States would have churned out substantial internal progress on keeping America safe from terror through improved communication among its defense agencies, as appropriate spending on terror defense equipment, staffing and training, and continued and considerable out of the box thinking about how to continue to effectively defeat potential attacks within our borders.

Here's what Stewart found out:

Watching this just sort makes you proud to be an American don't it. Or if you are watching this from outside the U.S. gives you a better understanding of what we have to put up with every day.

Well, we all can do something about this.

1) Write our congressional represtatives, particularly those in the House where the funding bills start, asking for better spending and more focused spending on the problem of terrorism, instead of pork barrel spending on doggie clothes.

2) Talk to your friends and neighbors about the problem and encourage themselves to do the same.

3) If you see something funny or odd that might be dangerous, a package out of place, a store bought item that has its seals broken - say something. Remember, a President who talks funny and has trouble finding exits in buildings in China is normal and not considered a threat in America's "War on Terror.

4) People make mistakes.

But checking out YourTube.com probably isn't one of them. This site allows you to upload your own videos which are rated and reviewed by other users.

The site makes a genuine attempt to keep out the smut, but mom and dad should probably keep an eye on the kids while they go through the material on this website as some of it may be unsuitable for younger and more sensitive viewers.

See you soon!


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