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Monday, December 19, 2005

Flash! Tardis Tennis Free Fun For You


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Want a little time travel fun in your game playing?

Perhaps you are a Doctor Who fan?

Well straight from the BBC comes a sports game to warm the hearts of both crows, its the BBC's own Tardis Tennis Player!

It actually comes in three versions, Funny Old Game Version, the US Open Version and the Wimbledon Version.

Despite its name, the Funny Old Game Version seems to be the newest and allows two-person games, otherwise, everything appears to be pretty much the same in all three versions.

You get to choose to play tennis as one of three historical figures, William Shakespeare - Shakey - Fast but weak), guitar, white suited John, er, Legend, (good all around), and the slow but big hitter Queen Vic.

Took a little getting used to thinking of John :legend: as one of these historical figures, but after a few nanoseconds I was glad he was included in the group.

You can choose to play either the best of 3 games or a 6 game match.

The directions allege slowness for macs running OsX and this may be true, hard to say.

If you win against your opponent you get to face Winnie, not the Pooh, but Churchill for the Championship.

All in all its good mindless fun and if you leave your sound on there are some funny comments that come from the characters now and then, a few dull ones too.

But hey, its free. Requires the free Flash player.

Here's a screenshot collage.

Fault! Out! Love!

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