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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Darpa Robot Race Update: Standford Racing Team's Stanley Crosses Finish Line First


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The Stanford Racing Team's Robot vehicle "Stanley" was the first to cross the finish line today with a current adjusted time of time of 7 hours and 55 minutes. However, their final tally will wait until all the vehicles come in with their times, as the times for each vehicle were staggered 5 minutes apart and other factors are considered.

Red Team's Sandstorm, which crossed the finish line at 4:18pm Central is currently in first place with and adjusted time of 7hrs and 54 minutes.

Red Team Two and their Robot Vehicle Highlander are currently in third place in the DARPA grand Challenge 2005 race which is still ongoing, having crossed the finish line in 8 hrs and 1 minute after 132 miles traveled.

Click on the link to see then the STATUS BOARD to see current adjusted times, or the course to see the progress of the last three teams in the running, Grey Team running Graybot 5h 51M apporaching marker G, Team Terra Max running Terra Max 5h 25 minutes approaching marker F, and Insight Racing's Desert Rat 5h 17 minutes approaching marker D.

Final racing times are impacted by the finishing times of other vehicles are determined, taking into account their start times as well.

Bear in mind that the 16 teams who washed out all passed marker A, last year's 7 mile milestone.

This year, officials say, contestents who rely on GPS only to complete the contest will probably not suceed due to the tunnels and obstacles on the course.

Webcasts from the Darpa site will continue through the day.


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