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Saturday, October 01, 2005

DeLay Unsportsmanlike Conduct?


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Starting to look like a double bogey to me.

If they go after congressmen for these kinds of things, seems to me the lobbyists and their clients should be equally liable.

After all, we don't just want to create a Government of fall guys do we? Well maybe the lobbyists do so that they can sneak away to play another day.

But here are some key questions.

Why should we let them?

Do lobbyists already have far too much power?

Why do we tolerate that?

After all compadres, given the right circumstances, this could easily be an add about a Democrat.

Less likely, maybe, but still. Always good to take a look at primary causes.

For those hiding under a rock, DeLay was indicted last week by a Texas Grand Jury in a Federal Conspiracy charge that he denies vigorously that states that he and others planned to go around election funding laws to move money by corporations into his last election campaign. The charge is essentially that the corporations donated money to a political group that was eligible to receive it and that this group, which if it had passed along appropriate individual donations would have done no wrong, mixed in the corporate gifts with the individual gifts illegally and with DeLay's knowledge. Confusing the matter is that the leader of the fight brigade is a long time Texas Democratic Political Combatant and Texas State Attorney General Ronnie Earle who has been a longtime foe of DeLay and whom DeLay has claimed has launched this indictment purely for political reasons.

Oh! How Shakespearke would have loved to be alive this year.

In other late breaking news: Federal Auditors determined Friday that the Bush Administration broke the law when it bought that really nice news coverage from that really sweet Armstrong Williams. The GAO called it covert propaganda, and told the U.S. education department that it must turn in handwritten sheets with "I will not hire an outside news media person to write propaganda for the education department ever again." written 1000 times for ever person in the U.S. Department of Education.

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