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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Has Katrina Killed The Republican Party In America?


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The damage Katrina has done may be more extensive than anyone realizes, come 2006 it may start to extinguish the Republican Party in America.

No society can tolerate the kinds of abuses of the rights of humans, the squalor, and the loss of humanity seen this week and allow those in leadership at the time to remain in power, and call themselves free.

During the next House and Senate election, these are the images that Republicans will face as they attempt to be re-elected to office in 2006.

Over and over, the faces of the poor, the destitute and the dying of Louisiana, Missisippi and to a much lesser extent Alabama, will appear over and over again on television as Republican candidates will be asked why Iraq has so many of the National Guard troops that were needed to provide for the safety and welfare of flood victims, why the Levee system in New Orleans, a know hazard, remained unfunded for decades as "Democratic Big Government" when all it was was prudent defense of Billions in Assets and many Thousands of lives.

Yes, this may be enough to signal the end of the Republican Party in the United States of America. Who wants to be connected with the political dead weight of a FEMA office so inept that it bungled the most important rescue effort in American History at a Time when FEMA was supposed to be at its hightest state of readiness against a terrorist attack.

This is assuming of course that the final collapse of the levee was not helped along by someone. Was it impossible to do this, or just impossible to investigate at this time? Certainly it has not been mentioned as a possibility, but had terrorists wanted to strike against America they could have picked no more efficient method than to somehow strike against that levee.

Perhaps that what's FEMA was really doing when it should have been organizing rescue efforts, eh? Looking for shadows? They were supposed to have defense plans for attacks on every major city, clearly these need to be revisited again.

True, probably none are quite so vulnerable as New Orleans was this week. Still, an immediate assessment of potential weaknessness of this kind from coast to coast should be made with ADEQUATE defense planse and supplies laid in.

What can happen that we should be prepared for?

There was a major earthquake in Alaska in the 1960's, what if it had been further south and/or overseas? What are the plans to evacuate the west coast inland sufficiant to move back from a wall of moving water, or to supply major cities with food ect so that if a major earthquake hit a city like Los Angeles or San Francisco, we are not treated with like images.

They may not be scared yet. But they will be soon, because the piper will be paid for the lives that have been lost and the dignity that has been ruptured in this disaster and that bill will come due as soon as it can.

Will it kill the Republican Party in America? The future is very hard to tell. Perhaps we should ask the Whigs.

Peter, The Peter Files Blog
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