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Monday, August 29, 2005

Avoiding Hurricanes


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Hurricane Katrina's invasion of New Orleans hits close to home because it reminds me of my own experiences of having Hurricane Frederick, a smaller magnitude storm, pass right overhead one night while I was in Mobile, in May of 1979.

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Avoiding Hurricanes, A Limerick

Hurricanes as a rule are no fun
And when over hard work's just begun
What with fallen down trees
Water up to your knees
You might wish out of town that you'd run!

Then the storm itself makes you upset
It's not just that you get all wet:
If your windows blow out,
All your clothes fly right out,
And you'd better hang on to your pet!

During Frederick we got quite a fright
We could hear pine trees snapping all night
It kept us awake
For we heard trees break
Until just before we saw sunlight.

I hope that in old New Orleans
This storm is not bad as it seems
The attack it could levy
Could be tragic and heavy
And I'd miss my beignet cafe creams.

So let's pray for Kingfish's City
Named after the Saint, oh so pretty
She faced tough battles too
And God saw her through
So perhaps on her town He'll take pity.

Well that's the end of these rhymes
As I think of many good times
And the friends that I've made
And not at parades!
I pray for them with these few lines.

Good luck y'all, especially, all those I know down in Thibodaux (go E.D. White!), N.O., Gulf Shores, Pascagoula, Mobile, Pensacola and anywhere else affected by the storm.

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Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

I wrote the post above well before any details of the extent of Katarina's damage was known. When, in fact, it looked like the levee would hold and that damage in the region would be serious but not the kind of disaster that we now see. What horror. What an amazing and humbling natural disaster Katerina has become.

I have not posted for several days due to prep for a surgical procedure that I am now recovering from. In the meantime, my limerick haunted me. On the one hand it was authentic to my experience of Frederick in 1979, on the other hand, it now seems glib and smug.

So why not withdraw it?

Because it gets at a part of human nature that broadcasters are asking about now. Why didn;t more people get out. Why did they stay when faced with such a God awdul disaster.

Hubris. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (In my case, literally), naivete, loyalty, and innocence.

Its been a long time since the Big Easy has had a killer storm, a long time. Not since Carmen has this region destroyed homes and things mostly back to nor
mal in a few weeks.
There is no easy solution for what will happen next on the Gulf Coast, but if you can't do anything else for them you might try praying. Well thought
gifts to The Red Cross would be a good start.

9/01/2005 3:06 PM  

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