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Saturday, August 20, 2005

WorldNetDaily: Walken not runnin' – except on Internet - ActorCrats Seeking New Celebrity Candidate


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The new ActorCraticic Party, dedicated to the belief that actors are more trustworthy, likeable, and can do a better job in general than professional politicians were dealt a serious blow this week when it started to become clear that the website announcing Actor Chrisopher Walker's intentions to run for President in 2008 was merely an online hoax rather than the excitement inducing fantasy that they had been craving since Ahnold became Governor of California.

The Article about the web page featuring Walken's candadicy was first featured in thte Wordnetdaily.com.news (according to themselves) and it was they who did the quick reporting to discover the truth about the matter.

WorldNetDaily: Walken not runnin' – except on Internet

Actor's publicist believes hoax campaign for president inspired by latest movie role - (Excerpt)
Posted: August 20, 2005, 4:15 p.m. Eastern, © 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

Christopher Walken

America can breathe a little easier today – actor Christopher Walken will not be making a bid for the presidency in 2008, according to his publicist, who calls the Internet campaign to elect the often spooky movie persona 'a hoax.'

WorldNetDaily was first to question the 'official campaign website' announcing the White House ambitions of the actor known for psychologically damaged characters in 'The Deer Hunter,' 'The Dead Zone' and dozens of other movies going back to Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall.'

According to a press release posted on the website, the 62-year-old New Yorker had laid out a few positions, but didn't plan any active campaigning until he had completed some acting obligations.

'Mr. Walken has greatly admired the celebrities who have entered politics and he wants to be able to give a good name and reputation to the acting community as well as the political community,' his agent Toni Howard was quoted as saying. 'As for going national with this news, we have not made any plans for the immediate future.'

Well, whatever future plans Walken has, they don't include running for president, says his publicist, Mara Buxbaum.

'The person who put this together was just trying it as a hoax, I presume,' Buxbaum told the Los Angeles Times. 'My take on it is it sounds like the person who put this on the Web took his role ... in 'Wedding Crashers' too seriously and now wants him to run for the presidency.'

In Walken's latest film, 'Wedding Crashers,' New Line Cinema's hit comedy that has already grossed $165 million domestically, the actor plays the U.S. secretary of the Treasury. At one point in the movie, Walken, as Secretary Cleary, warns fellow actor Vince Vaughn,"I am a very powerful man."

Walken's screen persona is indeed powerful – and at times menacing, creepy, evil and exuding fear. The actor was recently described by a New Zealand newspaper as someone with "sunken green eyes and sandy, spiky hair, which is standing so erect you'd think he dropped his toaster in his bath this morning."

"It has something to do with 'Annie Hall' and 'The Deer Hunter' being made back-to-back," the actor told an Australian newspaper. "'Annie Hall' was a great movie and a lot of people saw I played a crazy guy. Right after that I shot myself in 'The Deer Hunter.' From then on I got to play the guy who has something wrong with him."

"I don't need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own," the actor, who once screen tested for Ryan O'Neal's role in Love Story, told an interviewer.

Walken's agent, Toni Howard of International Creative Management – who denies making the statement attributed to her on the faux campaign website – dismisses the idea of Walken's running for office.

"I don't know where they got it," Howard said. "That's like saying Tim Robbins is running on the Republican ticket. (Walken) is the least political guy I know." (Follow link above to see the rest of the story.)

Actorcrat Party Scrambling for New Leadership - Exclusive to The Peter Files

In the mean time Actortcrats everywhere are now scrambling after initially abandoning their lists of favorites at Walken's announcement. Walken's fear factor had been strong enough, immediately making sense as a viable Presidential candidate that he wiped out both humorous and serious notions alike.

Some old time humorous notious such as Willard Scott, Tim Conway, George Carlin, Billy Bob Thorton, Fred Willard, Phoebe from Friends, David Letterman and Jay Leno were ambivelent about being pushed out as it would have interfered with their schedules.

More serious contenders are being rexamined in hopes of being talked into it once again, each has the Reganesque advantage of looking both very intelligent and very presidential. They are: Harrison Ford, Kevin Kline, Charlie Rose (Not strictly an actor, but very popular with the late night public television set), James Earl Jones, Tommie Lee Jones, Ed Asner, Cher, Oprah, and Anjelica Huston.

Walken's announcement came as a complete surprise to the ActorCratic party which was starting to gear up planning for its first primaries ever.

Leadership in the party is gearing up to salvage things, because the last thing they want, is to be the butt end of a joke that ends,

"Its the ActorCrats"!


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