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Sunday, August 07, 2005

When That Shark Bites On Your Hook Man!


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Man Bites Shark!

Well, sort of. Imagine yourself fishing in the ocean, maybe expecting a marlin, or a swordfish, when suddenly you realize that you have hooked a giant 700-pound shark!

Dah-dum, dah-dum, da da da daaaaa! Landed Sharks! Landed Sharks!
(Just a little homage to Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Garret Morris, Dan Akroyd, Steve Martin and all the others who participated in the Land Shark skits.)

Fisherman Lands 700-pound Mako Shark Story by News 4 Jacksonville Florida

Boy, does this fella look mean. How'd ya like to be on the other end of a thin little fishing line from this baby eh? I bet you'd be as surprised as this crew member when the shark jumped 20 feet in the air above your little fishing boat. Good thing he didn't land on the boat.

Even getting a shark like this out of the water is a big deal.

But it was a weekend for big sharks I guess. On the east coast another crew landed an 1,100 pound tiger shark as part of the Massachusetts Monster Shark Derby. That was not a typing error, 1,100 pounds, a half-ton tiger shark. About half the weight of smaller cars.

This fish was so big that the crew could not get it into its own boat and had to drag it in. Ironically, that made it 6 minutes late for the contest deadline.

Humans have been fishing since the beginning of humanity (there, that avoids the evolution/creation argument) yet you have to wonder how those 2,000 years ago would have looked at fish this size.

Surely they would have been depicted as monsters from the ends of the earth, or sent by God or the gods to punish us. Can you imagine the crew of a Ra expedition-like boat coming across one of these?

Let's hope that now that these have been caught that they will be made good use of rather than wasted, since I doubt that they will be able to adorn anyone's fireplace.

That's it for this file from the sea.

Click the link above to see more photos.

The last photo in the first slide show, takes you to the second slide show.

Captain Peter, of the Good Ship Albatross

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