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Monday, July 25, 2005

Peter Files Reluctanly Adds Avertising


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As you may have noticed, well it may be hard to miss actually, The Peter Files Blog is now an Amazon Associate. This means that if you make a purchase at amazon through the search box or other links at the Peter Files, we will get a small commission on your purchase so, please consider doing so.

We also have an arrangement with another well known vendor that I am not allowed to mention, that pays for click throughs, but Amazon alas, only pays for actual transactions.

So, it you are considering a book, magazine, computer or iPod purchase, please consider doing it through the Peter Files blog site.


Oh, that's me singing in the background, if it gets annoying, just hit the pause buttion under the words "My Profile" on the right. I will be updating that with other music soon, but that I knew was definately out of copyright. That is me singing by the way.

Thanks to my friend PJ for hosting the file for me.

That's it for this file,

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Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

The music of course in a combination of When the Saints go Marching in and Swing Low Sweet Chariot that I learned in Mobile, Alabama while doing a benefit for an orphanage down there. Guess who got stuck dressing up as Santa?

The kids loved it though. Santa AND the song. Thanks to Karen and Trish for the kernal of the arrangement which I have modified and jazzed up with Garage Band.

7/25/2005 4:59 AM  

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