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Monday, March 28, 2005

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? Ain't it Foggy Outside?


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Hi! Tempus Fugit!

Keen readers of the contents of The Peter Files may have noticed with this case file two new additions to the blog in keeping with the title of the blog.

Yes, now you can know what time it is, via Clockblox, which should work as long as your system clock is correct. (Mac system 10 users should have no problems with this because synchronizing your system clock with and adjusted GMT is a preferences setting.)

The weather report, via Weatherblox, alas, may depend on having a U.S. Zip code.

These come to us from the brilliant minds at mylazlo.com who have done nothing more than offer these little widgets to everyone free to get me to write about one. Click the the title of this post to go to their site.

They also have one for photos, music, and Hyperlink sorting that I may try out later, but for now, I like these two.

The clock should work for everyone who comes to your blog or website who has their own clock set correctly, and all they have to do is enter their own zip code to get the weather. You can also get multi-day forecasts. So far, it works great.

That's it for this file.

Call your friends, wake your neighbors, write a note to Letterman!


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Blogger Ken Adams said...


Re: your comment at SmadaNek

Thanks for stopping by my place as well. Feel free to drop in any time.

3/29/2005 6:57 AM  

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