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Friday, September 16, 2005

Phil Gardner - Mulled Whines - The Great iPod Scandal


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I really enjoyed this Brit Blog and thought you might too. Its called Mulled Whines (Warning: May Contain Nuts) by Phil Garner.

Here's an abstract of a current post.

Phil Gardner - Mulled Whines - The Great iPod Scandal

"Anyhoo, I've been meaning to mention for the last few days The Great iPod Scandal of 2005 (the scandal being that I haven't got one), otherwise known as www.WinWithWalkers.com. Especially as I see that Donna has already outlined her plans for world domination via the acquisition of iPods.

Well I hate to rain on Donna's parade (not strictly true, but I'm being polite), but I've been there, done that, got the phone bill. And I've decided the whole thing is a fix, and possibly even a high-level conspiracy to stop me getting my hands on luxury goods.

I was quite excited when they launched this competition, because it just so happens that I know someone who gets through more crisps than a school of eight-year-olds at lunchtime (no names, but think four letters, beginning with L), so I was fully expecting to have at least six iPods by the end of the month.

Tragically however, despite my cunning plan to keep Lisa talking (and eating) until 3:30am so that I could text in my codes at the quietest time, my first attempt at iPod acquisition (3 entries at 3:35am) proved fruitless."

Here's a section from another recent post:

I've had a chance to read the Chelmsford Weekly News, which makes the Shotley Notice board look like a 4 page leaflet. Oh hang on, it is a 4 page leaflet. Well anyway, as the title suggests, they've had a whole week to seek out the top news stories from across the region, and this week they've gone with this headline plastered across the front page in inch-high letters:


Which sounds quite exciting. Personally I was envisaging a gang of armed hoodlums with AK47s peppering a pensioner's car with bullets and causing it to flip over several times and crash in a huge fireball, before looting the wreckage and making off with their ill-gotten gains to buy some crack and pick up a couple of ho's.

Unfortunately the story was about a few teenagers on bicycles who distracted an old lady on a mobility scooter and caused her to bump into a bus stop.

The blog contains not only Gardner's wry wit, but a picture into daily life in Britain which is far better than you get out of most blogs.

Definately worth a look. Lisa's Page

You might especially want to check out his page devoted to his girlfriend Lisa, and how they became an item.

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