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Monday, September 12, 2005

Citizens Cry Out For Bush to Resign - Take Over Vital Katrina Need


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Sometimes great ideas need a little kick to get the ball rolling. In the height of Hurricane Katrina, technology at ashithrajshetty.250free.com/cn.html serves to help promote high-level job searchers' chances of becoming CEO of a company by showing a throng of supporters showing a banner of support for the job of their dreams.

This hopefully amusing example using President Bush came to mind because of the streetcar tracks in the foreground and my memories of riding the wonderful streetcar on St. Charles on my last visit to that historic city. Oh such memories of a the home of Jazz, Dixieland, Blues, and the Neville Brothers, with homes hundreds of years old, and food to set your stomach on fire and your sinus' clearer than the day you were born.

Students of American history may remember that in my home town, Chicago, most of the oldest homes met an untimely end in 1871 when we are now pretty certain that Mrs. O'Leary's cow did NOT start the Chicago Fire. (Likely wishful thinking of the anti-Irish Catholic thinkers who were common at the time.)

But of course, this simple photo creation web page has so many little uses that you may enjoy.

1) As a seed for campaign to be named CEO of your own organization. May work a little better for smaller organizations than larger ones which might do more vetting of their CEO's.

2) Give someone in line for the same promotion you are wanderlust for a CEO position somewhere else just at the time when resumes are due for that posting. It may help to include a sample media kit, aren't you worth the time, after all?

3) Do the same as a retirement gift for a corporate fixture who ought to have been made CEO but, of course, never was, because corporations never have the sense to find the talent from within that could really bring them the highest profits, always favoring the pro's from Dover who are rotated out before they barely know the business they were hired to improve while the lower level staff carry on as usual without the power to change anything that matters.

With a little luck, after he retires from "your" company he will use the photo, or the support of his talent it implies, to weasel his way into a CEO job somewhere and reward you with a plumb job somewhere in his organization as a reward.

4) These photos can make great gifts for all occasions when ironed on t-shirts or put on coffee mugs or mouse pads through a service with text such as such as:

"Husband CEO of Doghouse.Rut",
"Spouse CEO of CreditCard.Cut"
"You CEO of Birthday.Girl",
"Anna CEO of Peter's_Family.Marriage",
"Daddy CEO of Diapers_Etc"
"Baby CEO of PoopieUnlimited",
"Nancy CEO of MommyDearest.LUV"
"Poopsie CEO of Blonde.What?"
"Cheney CEO of Missing.Where?"
"Gates CEO of iPod.Haters"
"Jobs CEO of Apple.Sizzlin"
"Paris CEO of Media.Frenzy"
"Neighbor CEO of Where's_Hedge_Trimmer?"
"Mother CEO of I'mDyingAlready"
"Aretha CEO of Respect.Got"
"Bond CEO of ShakenNotStirred"
"Martha CEO of AnkleFree.Out"
"Barrymore CEO of Letterman.Dance"
"Janet CEO of MissingStitches"
"Tara CEO of FallingModesty"
"BobDenver CEO of Decades.Fun"

The possibilities are endless. And of course, since the Peter Files Blog is Always Safe for Work there are many other possibilities that I have only vaguely alluded to.

Hmm , ironed onto a nightie HotMama.ORG has a new meaning, eh? Wonder what Batman's Catwoman would say? Oh, don't pretend you don't know.

You will note that I have avoided the use of spaces in both the Person and Company Name. That is the one limitation of the software. It does not like spaces and messes up when they are present. Remember to try to work around that using underscores, web-like addresses or other creative fixes and it will all work fine.

Finally, here's one for my blog. Feel free to make your own, or print this one on a transfer and wear it around! I'd be thrilled! And who knows, if I ever go big enough to become an international corporation, a photo of you wearing this t-shirt would be a huge advantage.

Well, as Arrowsmith sang, "Dream on!"

I hope you enjoy playing with this page.



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