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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mom's Domain Change


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If you have been checking out the Peter Files regularly you will have noticed that I have not been updating my blog much in the last few weeks, with the exception of a few brief updates for my regular readers.

I have not been able to really write about it, and since this is mostly a comedy blog, I have not want to put a pall on things, literally, by writing about this subject when it would be mostly a sad story. Now I can describe it in a way that perhaps will be accurate and entertaining at the same time.

To put it delicately, in case your kids are reading this, my Mom recently had a domain name change to Heaven.com with her soul server logs upgraded free via a fast and painless upload due to cancer, an insidious trojan horse, that had spread to many parts of her operating system causing an eventual hardware failure before real attempts at system recovery could be made.

This free soul transfer seemed to this observer to be one which released her from considerable stress and discomfort. The new operating system and servers at Heaven.com do not rely on a firewall. Instead they have better protection in the Pearly Gate entry system and the Gabriel Guardians paradigm. This allows constant and uninterrupted data protection and data merge with older data soul files and an enormous easing of earthbound file restraints.

Rumor has it that optional data-wing and halo-head enhancements may also be available in some cases. One way portal views back to Earth domains may also be available given that some channels have been put in place for other purposes by Holy Spirit.Net and St.Peter.Soul.Life.Review.Book and Guardian.Angel.Intervention.Center.

Since return corporate visits have been very limited precise system details such as sub-systems, language support, server capacity, etc are very limited.

Suspicions of Perl y gate systems and narrow path router streams are rumored. Use of Apple systems has been questioned, but those issues may have been resolved some time ago.

Nonetheless, Mom's upload was quite efficient and quite a surprise. Though the soul upload was flawless and accomplished with amazing speed, it caught us off gaurd as the time between the trojan horse identification and upload was a matter of days.

However, the support of family and friends was amazing, and she will be remembered for her many impacts on the family and spiritual life in the community she lived in.

She was a great mom who taught us how to laugh at even the worst of things.

She would have gotten megabytes of humor out of this post, had she not been technophobic.


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