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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The DaVinci Code is Coming


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The DaVinci Code is coming, the film version that is, this May. It has been almost inevitable since Dan Brown's book hit the charts that it would soon make it to the silver screen so lush were the settings, so vivid the images and locations.

And the waiting is nearly over. Soon it will be hear. You can almost hear the media panting with antici-pation.

Get ready for the flurry, the onslaught of media attention. Of course, "get ready" is a misnomer, the hype has already begun.

The hype, the bustle, the contests, the tie-ins, the McDonald's Last Supper action figure toddler toys complete with a Jesus halo that you can turn on by flicking a little black switch on the bottom of his statue. I would go further here but that would be a spoiler for sure.

Google.com is running a DaVinci code contest. Play the game every day and it gets you closer and closer to the last game which gets you into the last stage of the competition.

The game, also whets your appetite for all things Da Vinci code.

And Google.

There are puzzles and pictures and trivia, oh my!

Do you know your 15th century symbology? Might be useful.

Centrix, centrix? We don't need no stinking.....

What kind of man.... African or European? Dead I think, and lying on the floor of the Louvre.
Louvre, Louvre? How do you spell that?

Is that like skip to my Loo-ve, or Loove, or would Bush call it the Loover Muss-see-um?
Or Loo-v-wah? Those darned Yanks have never yet larned to speak French worth a...

Oh, right, Bush is a Texan, he's only a Yank outside the U.S. isn't he. Inside he's a Texan.

Will the movie match the hype? So far its looking pretty good.

First of all, despite the foo foo about that one picture, Tom Hanks looks fine with the new look. It just helps him draw perhaps his most distinct character yet. The least "Hanky" yet. Of course this is based on a 45-second clip.

Then of course there is Sophie Marceau. Let's face it, she is not going to hurt ticket sales one little bit, that's on talent and tension alone, before you even consider her looks.

So, will the movie's deepest secrets survive the onslaught of publicity. Gee, I hope so.


The butler did it.

End Spoiler

All right, there is no butler in this movie. That was just to keep you on your toes.

If you haven't read the book, DON'T learn too much about the movie in advance. Don't do it. Just don't.

The book is great and if you want to read that cover to cover before the movie comes out, it is such an exciting thriller with so much detail that I can't help recommending it.

But don't get spoilers from TV or the internet that will ruin it for if you can avoid it.

Unless you read the book.

I have an alternative however, why not read Dan Brown's Angels & Demons instead? It is a great read, has lots of plot element niceties in common and has a HUGE surprise at the end at about the same level as the DaVinci code's.

In the mean time, I wonder what DaVinci code cereal will look like. I can't imagine that they would be tacky enough to sell boxed frosted suger "Hosts". Nor "Last Supper Soda", but I try not to underestimate how low marketing tie-ins can go.

I imagine one good thing is that sales of DaVinci Code editions of "Masterpiece" will go out, and I hope that interest in great art for all the teens that see the movie will be held up. After all, some of the paintings in the Louvre and statuary, etc, are a visual feast. One of the things I am looking forward to.

As to the plot's plausibility?

Well we just don't know do we?

Click the links to order books by Dan Brown or other books, music etc from Amazon.

See you at the movies.


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