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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Are you nuts? Or are you the rock of Gibralter?


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You would think that a color quiz where you pick some colors, then pick them again would tell you nothing about your inner feelings and personality.

You would be wrong.

The folks at Color Quiz.com have tapped into a very powerful and sophisticated version of the Luscher color test which is well known to provide powerful insights into personalities.

Now - this is the simplified version of the test. I don't want to give away how. That means however that the margin of error is considerably larger than for a more detailed test.

This is also self-administered. This means that you have no one to ask questions of and no one to reasure you if the answers seem, well, a bit extreme. And there's the rub.

This is not the kind of thing that you want to take in a room full of beer drinking friends unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you want them to know you a lot better than they do now, and vice versa.

While I was in college I had the paperback book that this test is based on which came with the colored cards that are used in the test. For fun I used it on dates for awhile. To my surprise the responses to the test were stunningly similar to my own assessments of the persons I tested and they were often quite shocked at how close to home the answers hit.

This was not always a good thing, so I stopped doing it.

On the up side, it can tell you some interesting and reaffirming things about yourself, and point out some areas in which you may want to focus on for personal growth.

On the down side, if you already know that you are a depressed hypochondriac with anger problems high anxiety and thoughts of suicide, don't take the test alone at 2 am on a Saturday morning after breaking up with your S.O. who you now realize has wasted the best years of your life and left you for someone younger.

Just not a good idea. No way the results are going to make you come out like Mr. Rogers or Mary Poppins. Capiche?

In fact, if you have a really good trusted friend, or analyst, it might be a good idea to do it with them, looking at the results yourself first, then letting that friend tell you if it is hogwash.

So where is the comedy in all this. Sometimes tests like this get it way wrong and the results are screamingly funny. Really, truly, incredibly funny. Often that happens because you did the test wrong, but who cares if its a great laugh.

How to do the test right.

When you look at the colors, do not pick the color that you like best. Out of the colors that they are showing, pick the color that you feel most like right now.

It may be that they are all bad choices or all good choices, just pick the closest one to how you feel, or the one least far away from how you feel if the ones left are all wrong.

I found that the best way to get the whole thing was to set it up to print then save that output to a file. On Mac, that's easy, you just save to a pdf. I am out of touch with how to do that on windows. Maybe you just send it to email.

No, I am not going to print my results here.

Bra ha ha ha ha.

The truth is I know too much about the test no to influence the results. In the book you can literally get to know what are the worst possible choices by trial and error and what are the best. It may be some time but I remember a lot of it.

So, it may not be politically correct, but here's the link.

So having said all that, have fun and have a go at it, just try not to take the results too seriously.

But of all the links I've published, I bet this is the one you are most likely to forward. Except for some of the ones on my favorite links, which you can reach by hitting the link at top or using the search box and typing favorite in the text box and searching this blog.

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