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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Next Time, No One Lets Jabba Near The Ship's Toilet!


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"They're getting some tribbles in to clean it up now."

"Wouldn't be faster if we split up?"

"I told you to stay away from Earth food, but nooooooooo."

"But it was only a beef burrito."

"And you have no idea how long it had been on that truck before you ate it did you?"

"You, there in the white robe, No cutting! Besides, this is the line for the men's room, I think the line for the ladies is a lot shorter."

"Mom! That guy in the white suit put his gun down! Can I keep it?!?"

"That sign seems to indicate that parking is not allowed commander, yet that vehicle is parked there in disregard of the regulation - should I destroy it?"

"Yes, but after we finish, we do not want to draw undue attention to ourselves".



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