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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - II


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"Rampart, Rampart, Rampart????"

"Ambulance 54, where are you?"

Brings new meaning to the term "Stat!".

At least one of the onlookers seems to be concerned.

By tradition, the last place losers in the Annual Warsaw Ambulance Driver's Skill Olympics push the winners back to their garage while onlookers look on puzzled. To make matters worse, the garage is entitled to fill the ambulance with as many garage members as it can safely stuff inside. This team is being naughty, by pushing the ambulance along a trolley line they may be playing chicken with the team, thinking to bail out when the trolley gets near forcing the team to quickly start the engine or bail out themselves losing the ambulance, canceling out the good will of the win.


Reminder: This is a blog of comedy and satire. Don't take that last paragraph seriously oh ye of weak stomach.
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