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Monday, May 30, 2005

The Devil Made Him Do It - Supporter of Venezualan President Invites U.S. Invasion


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This shocking photo shows "...a supporter of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez holding a poster that portrays U.S. President George W. Bush as a devil during a march against terrorism in Caracas May 28, 2005.

The U.S. rejected on Friday Venezuela's first move to extradite a Cuban exile wanted for an airliner bombing, in a case that could challenge the U.S. commitment to fight all forms of terrorism.

Even to me, this is over-kill and a use of shockingly inappropriate images. Doesn't this artist KNOW that this kind of thing can get his country invaded? Venezuela has lots of oil and it's right here in our own hemisphere. Then again, maybe he does know. Maybe he's read "The Mouse that Roared" that blockbuster hit of the 70's about the Dutchy of Grand Fenwick that decided to invade the United States so that it could lose and the U.S. would have to provide foreign aid to provide repairs. Cunning strategy if that's what he's up to, eh wot?

Seriously, though, this photo shows two things. We have a lot of work to do in international affairs. Next, South American Artists have not sucessfully made the transition from painting Johnny Carson to George Bush.

He looks more like Carson doing Kreskin on Crack than W. Really, this is too much for us failing to release a terror suspect when we might have our own legitimate reasons to want to interview him for awhile. I don't mind giving W. a tounge lashing for things I think he's messed up, but the Anti-christ, spawn of Satin, leader of a return to Nazi Fascism he's not.

You have to give the artist credit though, he did get his mug all over the internet. Hope the Venezuelan police are as tolerant as the police are here....

Anyone have any ideas why he thought that elf ears might look scary?
Photo by REUTERS/Howard Yanes
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