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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Mad Kane's New, Politics, & Humor Forum - You may know our Prezzy named Bush


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I found a very funny Political Blog, MadKane.com and was inspired to add a limerick to it.

She does a lot of political humor, satire and even songs. Worth the click.

My little effort at political poetry is below.


Mad Kane's New, Politics, & Humor Forum - You may know our Prezzy named Bush

You may know our Prezzy named Bush
He gives me a pain in the tush
His views I find scary
His plans make me wary
And oft turns my tum-tum to mush!

I wish he'd get out of Iraq
For his quacks justified thos attacks
They wanted some oil
And thought they'd embroil
Loyal troops over there with their packs.

He touts plans for Social Security
"That will make all our futures a surety"
But the future I see
Are profits for the
Moneymakers who lack true sinecure-ity

Then there's that thing with the deficit
"Not his fault!" But to me, that shoe just-don't-fit,
He spent like a loony,
On a long honeymooney,
And now he tries to get by on-his-wit.

And Judges he now wants to stack
Trust him far as I did on Iraq
As with no W M D's
How can new judges please
U.S. people whose rights they'd attack?

So if, in his clippings, my words appear
Mr. President, you have this to cheer
it's your stance, I abhor
not you, or the Corps,
If I could, I would offer you Steak and Beer.

Feel free to resign and come over for some good old-fashioned BBQ and beer anytime! No waiting!
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Blogger Mad Kane said...

Thanks for the nice words about my political humor!
I was glad to see your limericks posted at my forum and hope to see you there again!
Mad Kane

5/30/2005 11:22 AM  

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