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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mac OS X Tiger ‘not what it seems’ Macworld


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This story came out a few days ago, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Apple Tiger
Macworld Daily News
Friday - April 01, 2005
Mac OS X Tiger ‘not what it seems’

By Macworld staff

Apple Tiger Scientists have revealed that Tiger is actually a large carnivorous feline mammal from Asia, and not the soon to launch operating system from Apple, as previously thought.

The Tiger experts claim that rather than inhabiting Macintosh computers, Tigers are actually only found in the forests of Asia. The scientists also describe Tiger as having a tawny coat with transverse black stripes, not "the upcoming edition of the world's most advanced operating system, boasting feature that change how you work, play, search and share on a Mac," as Apple claims.

Identity crisis

However academics in Tasmania are claiming that Tiger is in fact a dog-like carnivorous marsupial with stripes down its back, and a Tasmanian newsletter is offering a $1,25-million reward to anyone who produced evidence that they have sighted the illusive Tasmanian Tiger.

Others have suggested that Tiger is actually not a four legged fury beast, but a golfer. Initially introduced to golf at the age of 9 months, 29-year-old Tiger Woods was the first golfer to be reigning champion of all four majors simultaneously.

He is married to a Swede. This is not thought to be the vegetable variety.

Those born in 1950, 1962, 1974, or 1986, are also claiming to be Tigers. According to the Chinese horoscope, those born in the Year of the Tiger are famous for their ability in influencing others and swaying crowds. It is likely that Apple is hoping their Tiger, genus operating system, can do just that.

News you can use?

From The Peter Files.

Peter - (born in the year of the Boar)

Look Up Your Sign!

The Boar

Boars are self-reliant, very sociable, dependable,and extremely determined. Boars are peace lovers and don't hold grudges. The Boar They hate arguments, tense situations, and try to bring both sides together. In life they make deep and long-lasting friendships. Boars enjoy social gatherings of all kinds, and look for parties to attend. In fact, Boars must watch themselves so that their incessant pursuit of pleasure doesn't interfere with other aspects of their lives. Boars belong to clubs and they make terrific fund raisers. They have a real knack for charity and social work. Boars always listen to problems. They won't mind getting involved and try to help. Boars have big hearts. A problem that Boars have is that they are too innocent and naive. Being honest and trustworthy themselves, they have a hard time understanding the motives of those with less scruples.

Boars do not dazzle or shimmer. They possess the old-fashioned chivalry that grows on you until you totally depend on it. It is so easy to trust Boars. They have a calm expression and a sincere manner. They are blessed with endurance and work steadily at tasks with great patience until completion.

Once Boars arrive at a decision nothing stops them. Of course, before they reach that decision they weigh all the pros and cons. They definitely want to avoid complications. Sometimes they ponder so long they miss the opportunity altogether. But never mind, Boars always believe in miracles, and miracles always happen to them. Fortune favors Boars. They always find someone to help them without having to beg.

In romance, if not careful, Boars may be taken advantage of. Boars trust everyone and believe everything they hear. They are unselfish and enjoy helping their friends. Although they are gullible, they are actually quite intelligent and know how to take care of their own. If you hurt their feelings, Boars often carry the pain for years. They have a hard time saying no to those of concern. Often they wish they had said no.

Boars will always be looking for ways to work off all their extra energy. They work and play hard. Even if they lose everything, Boars manage to bounce back. Their life path supply them with all they need. The Chinese believe Boars own the Horn of Plenty.

Does this description fit me? Only my hairdresser knows for sure. LOL
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