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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The iPhone - Conan Says: It's Everything! Video


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If you haven't heard about Steve Job's
announcement of the iPhone at the MacWorld Conference and Expo this week you've been totally unplugged from the media. Good for you!

But more than likely you have.

Typical reactions:

Holy Cow - I need that NOW! What do you mean it's not approved yet and won't come out until sometime this summer?

Oh wow, that looks so cool.

Too expensive for me - wonder if I can get one for free?

When I was a boy we had icepicks and used to get them stuck in our limbs as we tried to break up the ice in the pond out back just so we had drinking water during the winter - it hurt like heck - And that's the way WE LIKED IT!

I'll never figure out something like that, I don't even have a cellphone now.

Wonder what what I can get for my new Zune? Do I still have that gift receipt?

What's all this fuss about eye bones, my eyes don't have any bones in them? Are people getting stupider these days? Eye balls, now that I understand. Those are round and soft and attached by this stringy stuff that looks a little like pasta if the eye ball comes out of the socket and goes bouncy bouncy bouncy until you put the eye ball back in the socket. But eye bones?

The truth is, the iPhone is very cool and will probably force all the cell phone companies to do a lot of fast technology shifting and soon.

Thanks Emily (Gilda) wherever you are.

After reading a number of the reviews and tech articles, I think two things.

First, I think that they are right that the iPhone cannot possibly take over a massive share of the cell phone market in the same way that the iPod has.

Second, I think that many analysts, even those at Apple are underestimating the iPhones appeal however. The iPhone has too many major advantages over its competitors that have been too easily dismissed. Here's why.
  • The iPhone comes with an operating system that is accessible to the user and can take data, software upgrades, and new software installation from the user. This means that unlike your current cell phone the iPhone is continually expandable in terms of what it can do and the software that third party makers can make for it.
  • This is more than the best iPod ever. This is the smallest portable Mac ever. With a lot more memory and features than the first Macintosh, lest we forget.
  • The iPhone has a large number of hard-core Mac and iPod users who will be drawn to it as soon as they can afford it.
  • Is there any doubt that Cingular will eventually press its advantage by doing a few sales? Also, as with the iPod, we all know that prices will fall and storage/memory will increase.
  • Even with a high initial sticker price, this has a cool factor that is hard to believe. How many high school Christmas wish lists will this be on? For sure! Too expensive? Given that this is a cell phone, how much more expensive is it than this year's hot game systems were? Oh yeah, its wireless. Wonder if it can interface with Apple TV and work as a game controller? Are you listening Steve?
Given that hundreds of millions of cell phones are currently in use in the U.S., the 8 million units sold estimate by Apple for 2008 figure might be just a bit on the small side. We'll see. I know this, Jobs & Company have certainly laid the gauntlet down - Huzzah!

P.S. For those earlier in the year forecasting gloom for the iTunes store sales this year, Apple has announced reaching the Two Billion Song Sales Mark. Not too shabby, eh, Forrester?

Feel free to comment, that's why we're here!

Of course with all this attention, can a little fun-poking be far behind?

Here's an "iPhone commercial" by Conan and the gang supplied to YouTube by NBC!
Remember, you can search for YouTube videos using the blue search box above.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Peter, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary

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