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Thursday, May 19, 2005

German Pope Photo Joke


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German Pope Photo Joke

Just in case you are one of the few in the WWW who have not seen this photo
yet, I thought I would post it for your pleasure. It usually circulates with
the caption "Our new German Pope:"

Funny as it is, it is of course inaccurate. Everyone knows that wine not beer
is part of the Catholic Rite of Communion and so a more accurate joke would
have been a chalice modeled after the old beer steins of the 1800's but sahped
liked a traditional chalice.

Graphic Artists - that gauntlet has been thrown down! Who can do the best
German Papal Chalice?

If you do forward it around, why not save some bandwidth and forward the link
to this page instead? Or at least mention where you saw it.

Peter (Hoping that this will not count as a sin at all as he sees it as a form
of getting to know the new Pope.)


If anyone owns the copyright on this photo and did not intend it to be spread
all over the internet like a whirlwind please inform me right away if you do
not want this posted on my site and I, for my part, will take this down

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