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Thursday, May 19, 2005

CTA Wabash and Wacker View at The Museum of Science and Industry


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Photos From The Museum of Science and Industry

In case anyone wonders, I took all of these photos at the museum and they are all copyright 2004 - 2005 by The Peter Files Blog and the photographer, All Rights Reserved.

I love the level of detail. Notice the car getting towed on the right!


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Blogger Manisha said...

Peter, I saw this on the MSI site:
Is photography allowed in the Museum?
Yes. Photos and videotapes for personal use may be taken inside the Museum, except in the Omnimax Theater and in certain special exhibits or presentations. Photos, videotapes or audiotapes for any other use require advance notice and the express prior written permission of the Museum’s Public Relations Department.

I've always wondered whether I could put up pictures taken at the museum - not for sale or profit - as part of my blog or photo sites and who the copyright rests with - the museum or me. Your post says that the copyright rests with you. Is this something that you clarified with the museum? Does displaying photos on web site qualify as 'personal use'?

5/20/2005 11:17 AM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

I did not see the notice. Did not call anyone at the museum.

I am not a lawyer but I see the difference between personal and commercial use of photography as being the difference between taking photos and showing them to your friends and whoever else might be interested in seeing them and selling those photos or merchandise with those photos on it.

This is my personal blog. I get no income from it. I don't sell anything and I am especially NOT selling anything related to the photos.

As far as the copyright goes, as I understand the copyright law and photography, but it also applies to written work in the U.S. as well, I own the copyright to any photo I take. Assuming that I do not just take a photo of a photo.

There are some wierd areas about what might constitute a copyrighted work.

But my purpose in posting the pictures was not to sell them, it was to generate interest in the Museum of Science and Industry.

The title of each post goes right to the Museum's exhibit guide.

If they want me to take the photos down, I would not want to fight them over it, but it would be a silly thing for them to do since they are in essence free, unpaid ads for the museum.

If you were going to do the same, I would suggest that you say how great the museum is to visit, and include links to their home page as you did in this link and I did in my post titles. I would also make sure you did not post anything embarrasing to the museum.

I have more to post, but perhaps I should wait until I see if one of the people there who I used to run into with my Choir friends at 57th and Woodlawn while he was on his Sunday morning paper run objects.

(Man those Medici chocolate croissants were good. Really left the Customer's Satisfied!)

Oddly, I was learning how to auto-post photos by e-mail and picked these at random!

5/21/2005 3:51 AM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

By the way, since it got you to go to the MSI home page to construct your comment, my scheme has worked at least once! LOL

Anyone who reads these - PLAN A TRIP TO THE MSI - ASAP!


5/21/2005 4:06 AM  
Blogger Manisha said...

Peter, thanks for your thoughts. I don't intend to profit off the pictures either but I wondered if there was a difference between uploading them for the whole world to see versus sharing them with a closed circle of friends and family. Similar copyrights are in place for Disneyworld.

We've been members at the MSI for as long as I can remember. This year we 'upgraded' to a 'PhD'. :-D

It's a favorite haunt for us. I took my 6 year old (soon to be 7) to Body Worlds a few weeks ago and we're looking forward to going at least a couple of times more before September. She was fascinated and came away with amazing tidbits of information. I wouldn't recommend it for all young people her age. It depends entirely on whether the child is able to deal with something like that.

MSI rocks!

5/25/2005 5:32 PM  

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